Working For You!

— Protecting Baldwin County Schools and saving $162 Million in interest payments

Sponsor Act 2019-377

— Liability protection for businesses as it relates to Coronavirus

Co-sponsor Act 2021-4

— To reduce the fees paid to register street legal golf carts

Co-sponsor Act 2021-146

— To amend the foundation program in the education trust fund budget. Provides millions more for fast growing school districts and funding for over 6500 students a year that were previously uncounted in the previous method.

Sponsor Act 2021-166

— COVID -19 Recovery Capital Credit Protection Act to exempt unemployment benefits from state income tax

Co-sponsor Act 2021-240

— Phase out of municipal taxation without representation.  

Sponsor Act 2021-297

— Require the adoption of policies to recover improper or fraudulent overpayment of unemployment benefits

Co-sponsor Act 2021-398

— To increase protection from civil assets forfeitures

Co-sponsor Act 2021-497